Conscientiousness and Responsibility as a Leading Maker

Nippon Keical is a top maker of calcium silicate thermal insulation material for industrial use.

Our products possess superior insulation and heat resistance capabilities, and we are constantly in pursuit of the development of products that maximize strength and lightness. Our products are widely used in industries such as the domestic and overseas petrochemical industry, thermal and nuclear power plants, and processed steel or municipal garbage incineration plants, and are valued for their contribution to energy conservation.

In recent years, industrial waste has become a major environmental issue. At our company, we were quick to introduce a recycling system for single-use waste calcium silicate thermal insulation material and create a manufacturing process to create our reclaimed insulation material, Recycal. We recycle thermal insulation waste material produced by existing plants.

We hope to make further contributions to environmental and energy conservation issues by being a conscientious and responsible leading maker of thermal insulation materials.

[Our Business Concept]

Continue to earn our customers' trust by producing a reliable supply of definitive quality calcium silicate thermal insulation, conscientiously and responsibly.

Company Profile

NameNippon Keical Limited
FoundedFebruary 1, 1979
RepresentativePresident & CEO Tsutomu Hoshino
LocationHead Factory
2020 Nakagawa Hosoe-cho, Hamana-ku
Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 431-1304 Japan MAP
Tel +81-(0)53-522-1911 Fax +81-(0)53-523-1671
Capital¥300 million
ShareholdersMeisei Industrial Company Ltd. HP
Nichias Corporation HP
Employees61 (as of April 1, 2021)
About Our Services1) Production and Sales of Thermal Insulation Material
2) Industrial Waste Treatment Business
3) Businesses Related to The Above
ProductsKeical Ace Super Silica, JIS #1-15 Calcium Silicate Thermal Insulation Material
Keical Excel, Calcium Silicate Thermal Insulation Board for use in high temperatures
Recycal, Reclaimed Calcium Silicate Thermal Insulation Material
Member of The Following OrganizationsCalcium Silicate Thermal Insulation Association
Kanto-Koshinetsu Thermal Insulation Association
Appearancefrom the frontfrom the sky

Corporate History

February 1972Production of our JIS #2-22 silicate thermal insulation material "Keical" begins at the Hamamatsu plant as thermal insulation manufacturer of Meisei Industrial Company Ltd.
February 1979Chemical manufacturer Mitsubishi Kasei (now Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) and Meisei Industrial Company Ltd. establish Nippon Keical, a fifty-fifty joint venture with a capital of ¥100 million. Began factory remodeling for production of a JIS #1-13 extra light calcium silicate thermal insulation material "Keical Ace", based on Mitsubishi Chemical's production techniques.
July 1979Remodeling completed, all production changes over from "Keical" to "Keical Ace".
September 1981Keical Ace secondary production facility expansion begins.
June 1982Keical Ace secondary production facility expansion completed (capital investment of ¥300 million)
August 1985Received Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS A 9510) certification as a calcium silicate thermal insulation factory.
September 1993Recycling technology for single-use waste calcium silicate thermal insulation material is achieved (Patent #: 2993359). Began sales of thermal insulation material "Recycal", made from reclaimed industrial waste.
October 1999Company production and sales are restructured with the equity participation of Nichias Corporation, and the name of the product is changed to "Keical Ace Super Silica".
October 2002Company is restructured and becomes a joint venture with Meisei Industrial Company Ltd. and Nichias Corporation.
November 2006Receives ISO9001 certification.
June 2008JIS certification received after revision of industrial standard law.
April 2020Started manufacturing and sales of [Mirror Ace].